We’re sure you don’t want your work-life integration to become dangerous, right? The thing is, everything about you changes when you switch into work mode and it’s best if you don’t do that at night because it will possibly keep you up all night and annoy your loved ones.

In this episode, we want to share with you 2 simple tips to help you stop answering emails from home. It is important to understand that you need to be emotionally present with your family not just physically and those few minutes with your phone are not helping.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • [5:27] Answer the emails from your car. Do this in the parking lot before you leave and make sure you don’t lose your hours to this by setting the timer. Then make sure that the commute time becomes your transitioning time from work to home.
  • [7:35] Take email notification off your phone. Remove your email icon on your main screen to make sure you have to go looking for it and hence find it difficult to reach it. Do not allow those email notifications to put a lull in your evening activities.

Join us in this episode to learn how not to answer your emails at home and make your work-life integration safe!  

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