Join us with this incredibly insightful discussion with Wes King Founder and CEO of Tahoe Trailbar, an amazing tasting energy bar that is fueling people all over the U.S. https://tahoetrailbar.com/us/ Wes shares his insights, his daily practices, and his view on business and self. He is unassuming, raw, and honest. He gives us a rare glimpse behind the scenes of what it was like building Tahoe Trailbar, the struggles, the wins, and the habits he’s adopted to continue their success. Wes asks some really thought-provoking questions like: “How much of your time are you spending doing EXACTLY, what you want to do?” “Did I show up differently in the terrifying months? Did I treat people differently when I was not sure what was going to happen? And did I forget the feeling of humility around not knowing what would happen next, when the months are really good?”

Get your pen and paper out friend, because this is a notetaking kinda conversation. ENJOY!

Resources: Simple Numbers , Greg Crabtree Scaling up, Vern Harnish Digital Minimalism, Lee Sebastian Traction, Gino Wickman Take the Stairs, Rory Vaden Gottman Institute—process for couples

Tahoe Trail Bar is the perfect plant based nutrition powerhouse for the ‘outdoor obsessed’ who hunger for high-quality, great tasting fuel. We want to make it possible for them to push their personal limits while also serving a higher planetary purpose through 1% For The Planet. —-

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